Discovery Solutions International Announces Manufacturing Module Update

Calgary, Alberta - Discovery Solutions International, a leader in enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its new manufacturing module (Manufacturing OPS) update as part of its flagship DMS ERP software. This latest update introduces a suite of enhancements to advance the sheer power and capabilities this module continues to offer. The update is purposely designed to further streamline manufacturing processes through an improved user interface (UI), shop floor optimization, and key supervisory enhancements.

“We’ve designed these updates to help our customers and the greater Oilfield Services industry transform data into progress”, explained Alex Sherban, Head of Engineering of Discovery Solutions. “Our dedication to providing industry-leading ERP solutions evolves with the ever-changing landscape. The future of DMS is very bright, including further module updates and generative AI capabilities to ensure our customers have a solution that drives success for years to come.”

Let’s review the three key features that lead to operational excellence:

1.     Streamlined User Interface with Mobile and Tablet Optimization

Manufacturing OPS now features a completely redesigned user interface that is optimized for mobile and tablet use, facilitating access to the system's functionalities at the convenience of the shop floor employees. This mobile-friendly adaptation supports operational flexibility and boosts productivity by enabling real-time access to data and functions essential for day-to-day tasks.

2.     Advanced Shop Floor Operations

Significant updates have been implemented to boost shop floor operations, including:

·       Digital Time Card Entry: Employees can now enter time data digitally, which simplifies the process and enhances the accuracy of records.

·       Real-Time Inventory Consumption: The module provides capabilities for monitoring inventory levels and logging consumption against work orders as it happens, which greatly improves material tracking and cost management.

3.     Enriched Tools for Supervisors

Manufacturing OPS significantly empowers supervisors with tailored tools designed to enhance workforce management and scheduling:

·       Labour Management Review Portal: This portal allows supervisors to review and manage labour metrics effectively, facilitating better workforce planning and management.

·       New Work Order Scheduling and Approval Process: Streamlined processes for scheduling and approvals allow for quicker response times and more efficient order handling.

"These enhancements are designed to not only simplify the user experience but also streamline shop floor and labour management, significantly reducing lead times and increasing accuracy," explained Ryan Blake, CEO of Discovery Solutions. "With improved inventory and labour tracking and enhanced supervisory controls, we are modernizing the shop floor and improving back office efficiency."

Seamless Integration and Comprehensive Support

The new manufacturing module integrates seamlessly with existing DMS ERP modules, allowing for an easy transition and continuity of operations. Discovery Solutions is committed to supporting its clients through this transition with local implementation, comprehensive training and detailed documentation to assist users in leveraging the full potential of the module update.


Manufacturing OPS will be publicly available in May 2024 for all new and existing customers of Discovery Solutions. For more information, please visit the manufacturing module webpage or book an introductory call with our team.