Branding for the future: Discovery Solutions announces rebrand

CALGARY, AB, December 8, 2021 / – Discovery Solutions International, Inc. (“Discovery”) announces the completion of a brand refresh. The rebrand reflects new leadership and aligns with Discovery’s plans for the future.

The rebrand reflects the company’s growth and investment aspirations as it looks to expand its service offerings.

Having delivered business management software (“ERP”) for over 38 years the company has grown and served the oil and gas industry and looks to continue to grow with the positive industry outlook, while expanding to other industrial service sectors.

The rebranding entails a new website, new logo, and will be incorporated into its product development going forward. The new logo reflects that Discovery’s ERP system is immediately applicable for multiple service sectors due to operational synergies.

“We believe the new logo represents a new chapter for Discovery Solutions, one that represents an exciting future for our team and our clients”, said Ryan Blake.  “We will build from our past and adapt for the future”

Visit to explore the new website and brand. Over time, Discovery’s software will be updated to reflect this new branding as well.

A journey representing 38 years can be seen below, showing where the company started as AIS in 1983 to where its going as Discovery Solutions in 2021.