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Amplify the capabilities of DMS ERP by integrating with popular third-party applications and sources

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Tax Compliance Management

Avalara provides cloud-based tax compliance solutions that can help you save time, free up resources, and reduce risk. Through this partnership, we have established an API integration to primarily assist our USA-based customers. Remove any uncertainties by understanding which taxes need to be applied in a quote or invoice based on ZIP codes.

get signatures faster

Discovery Solutions is an authorized partner of DocuSign API in conjunction with our Discovery OPS field ticketing software. Simplify signature processes by automatically sending out and receiving digitally signed field tickets. Easily integrate your DocuSign accounts and envelopes with our software to speed up the backup ticket approval process and get paid faster.

Electronic Invoicing Made Simple

Fast, efficient, and secure. ProcureDox makes electronic invoicing simple and seamless for suppliers and their customers. Save time and costs by reducing data duplication, manual efforts, key errors, and reworks by implementing a single automated process for all customer billing. ProcureDox works with our best-of-breed ERP system to connect with customer invoicing portals. Invoices, purchase orders, electronic tickets, responses, and other electronic documents are exchanged easily between your source of truth and your trading partners. The result reduces cycle time and provides greater visibility into transaction statuses.

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