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Oilfield Ticket Software

Digital field ticketing is the future of oilfield service management, and Discovery Management Software® (DMS) is here to help you make the transition. Our field-proven software is designed to capture your remote field activity and costs in a digital format, allowing you to invoice your customers quickly and accurately. By eliminating paper-based processes, you can reduce errors, save time, and improve your cash flow. With DMS, you can get paid faster and keep your business running smoothly, no matter where your field operations take you.  

Field Ticketing Done Right for Operations

Digital Field Ticket - Discovery Ops
Digital Field Ticket Entry - Discovery Ops

Discovery OPS - Field Service


Discovery OPS - Field Service operates standalone on any device and does not need to be connected to the internet to input data. This allows you to work at locations with no internet and not worry about losing your information.  The data will automatically sync when connected back to the internet.

Buyout Management 

When buying equipment or materials for a specific job in the field, the user would select a known supplier or provide the vendor name. A PO number can be automatically assigned then when the job is sent to the ERP server the PO number, the vendor and the cost are sent to the Accounts Payable system along with the job number so that when the invoice arrives from the buyout vendor, it can easily be reconciled.


The job is dispatched through our dispatch platform then sent to Discovery OPS - Field Service.  The user has the option to schedule the work or just set up the job information for field staff.

Once the job is completed the approval workflow allows supervisors to review and approve work prior to Field Ticket and Invoice in required. 

Field Hours

The field ticket program also allows field staff to enter their time (hours) against a job. Their time may or may not be invoiced directly to the customer. Discovery OPS - Field Service can accumulate the hours that each of your staff spent on the job even though their time was billed as Equipment time or Operator time. The hours for each of your service staff are used when analyzing the job cost history reports and can be summarized and sent to the payroll system.


For jobs that require specific equipment to be on-site, a template of the equipment can be created in Discovery’s ERP system and sent to Discovery OPS along with the job information. The equipment template includes specific serial numbers or unit numbers for the equipment that was configured for the job.


When all the daily ticket activities have been entered into Discovery OPS you can print a pdf or email a priced field ticket to the customer who can stamp and sign either physically or digitally.  Utilizing the digital signature option improves billing cycle time as the digitally signed copy can be automatically sent back to head office for attachment to the final invoice.  Discovery's invoicing system has integration with all major invoicing platforms for additional speed. 

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