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Oilfield Ticket Software

Digital field ticketing is the future of oilfield service management, and Discovery Management Software® (DMS) is here to help you make the transition. Our field-proven software is designed to capture your remote field activity and costs in a digital format, allowing you to invoice your customers quickly and accurately. By eliminating paper-based processes, you can reduce errors, save time, and improve your cash flow. With DMS, you can get paid faster and keep your business running smoothly, no matter where your field operations take you.  

Field Ticketing Done Right for Operations

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Discovery’s Field Ticket System Discovery OPS can be used by your field staff to record daily events and equipment usage. This allows you to eliminate paper recordings, improve your data quality, and billing accuracy. 

Save Time 

Find Efficiencies

 Get Paid Faster 

Jobs are dispatched through our dispatch platform then sent to Discovery OPS Field Service.  The user has the option to schedule the work or set up the job information for field staff to manage. 

Once the job is completed the approval workflow allows supervisors to review and approve work prior to Field Ticket being issued, minimizing rejections, decreasing invoicing time. 

Service Ticket Jobs
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