Data, Metrics, KPIs...How?

Interpreting business information quickly and turning that information into decisions that affect the bottom line is how companies excel in today’s competitive world.  Small and medium-sized businesses often face the following three problems when working towards developing quality metrics and KPIs.  

  1. Lack of quality data
  2. Overwhelmed by data
  3. No tools to pull data into meaningful KPIs  

Fortunately, you do not need to be an enterprise business to solve these issues because using the right tool designed for your industry allows you to forget about all the issues above.  Discovery Solutions has specifically built an Enterprise Resource Planning “ERP” software that allows you to access the same data as your enterprise peers.  

ERP solves these three common pitfalls by creating a common data access point for all your operational needs.  This eliminates bad data because you are not interfacing with multiple systems or paper solutions and your employees can work with a defined and consistent standard.  

We often hear companies describe the pain point of being overwhelmed with data.  This is typically because the data is not centrally stored or it's coming from multiple software solutions. Discovery being a full suite ERP that manages both your operations and accounting functions, eliminates this issue.  This is because the system organizes the information for your team while linking each transaction together, providing unmatched transparency and auditing capability.  

With your business using ERP you can now leverage the system to generate the right metrics and KPIs. Discovery Solutions has several tools that enable your team to continuously interpret business health, allowing the right decisions to be made at the right time, and driving financial performance.

At Discovery Solutions we believe that businesses, big or small, should have the same financial tools to succeed in a data-driven world.  

If you’re interested in learning how Discovery Solutions can help your business, please book a call below or visit our Accounting Module page for more information.
If you’re interested in learning how Discovery Solutions can help your business, please book a call below or visit our DMS ERP page for more information.
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