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Oilfield Services

Looking for an oilfield ERP software that allows your business to operate seamlessly in the Oil and Gas industry? Our deep understanding of the industry allows us to design software that takes the complexity out of your work processes, giving you more time to focus on your customers. We know that oilfield services are complex and require lots of expertise, which is why our oilfield ERP software is specifically designed to meet the needs of this industry. With our software, you can streamline your operations, reduce errors, and improve your bottom line. 


Field Service Management 

Optimize your people and equipment maximizing revenue generated at the wellsite 


Rentals Management 

Track and manage your rental fleet from yard to site boosting your equipment utilization


Manufacturing Optimization

Streamline your manufacturing process by tracking the right metrics and improving quality 


Field Ticketing 

Produce digital field tickets signed on-site by the company representative reducing your invoice time 


Distribution Optimization

Manage and replenish inventory while keeping best-in-class record management  


Accounting and Reporting 

 Eliminate  financial uncertainty with complete integration to Discovery's accounting module 

A few of the segments we serve

Service Rigs
Facilities Construction 
Civil Earthworks 
Pipeline Services  

Oilfield Rentals
Wellhead Services 
Artificial Lift Services  

Frac Sleeves and Plugs 
Wireline Services
Coil Tubing 
Well Testing  

"I really like that everything is all-in-one, and I don’t have to integrate with different software"
"Great people, is what I like best about the company"
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