Discovery Solutions provides business management software for the oil and gas industry. Our Oilfield management software streamlines and automates the operational and financial transactions of Oilfield service and supply businesses from quotation to cash and procurement to payment.

Our product, Discovery Management Software® (DMS), is a suite of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and mobile applications that improve efficiencies by automating Oilfield transactions and providing management with timely and accurate financial reporting.

We are technology and Oilfield people who are dedicated to improving our customer's bottom lines. We have been automating Oilfield businesses since 1983 and provide a robust set of Best Practice transactions with our ERP oil and gas software.

Discovery’s industry leading Oilfield management software helps seamlessly manage the following types of Oilfield service and supply businesses:

Well Site Services

Where creating a priced field ticket and measuring field technician performance is mission critical.


Where allocating, returning and billing your assets is mission critical.


Where tracking costs for raw materials, non-inventory and labor in your custom build work orders is mission critical.


Where sales and deliveries of specialized Oilfield items such as tubular goods, MTR items and drilling fluids is mission critical.