Oilfield ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software

Discovery is a SaaS Solutions Provider

We provide the best-in-class enterprise resource planning system
for the Oilfield Service and Supply Industry

We are dedicated to improving your administrative capabilities, reducing costs, and creating efficiencies throughout your business operations. Our enterprise resource planning (ERP) business application for the Oilfield Services Industry is known as Discovery Management Software® or intuitively DMS.

DMS is the most comprehensive solution available today for the unique business requirements and processes of the Oilfield Industry. Discovery’s DMS integrates all data sources and processes of your organization into a unified system. A benchmark ingredient of DMS that utilizes a single database to store data for all Oilfield Service and Supply business modules, which allows every department of a company to retrieve and/or store information real-time.

Information is more reliable, more accessible, and easily shared. The results are improved productivity, cash flow, profitability, inventory control and customer service.

And it’s easy to get started - no software installations or licensing, no hardware to purchase, no maintenance, and absolutely no complex upgrades. As a result, you can focus on running your business, while Discovery’s professional IT team manages your SaaS service solution.

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By leveraging 28 years of Oilfield industry expertise, DMS is able to provide efficient automation of daily business transaction and management reporting needs demanded by Oilfield businesses. DMS helps you to streamline your operations and increase profitable business growth. It enables oilfield companies to increase revenues while reducing total cost of ownership.

Our SaaS solution is optimized and well-suited for:

Additionally we offer mobility options with Discovery's unique LIFTS system. This system known as “Laptop Integrated Field Ticket System” allows field staff to enter the results of a job while on a job site, and produce a priced field ticket for the customer to sign. These results are then transmitted to DMS. It’s that intuitive!