Well Site Services

Create Field Jobs that include:

✓   Job Number
✓   Name, Bill and Ship to Locations
✓   AFE or PO Numbers
✓   LSD and Well Site Name along with Directions
✓   Field Manager Name
✓   Description of Services Required
✓   Priced Field Ticket Required
✓   Daily Ticket or Single Summary Ticket Required

Electronic Field Ticketing LIFTS online or offline

✓  Create daily, priced tickets for customer to sign
✓  Enter Daily Billing

✓   Rental Charges for Equipment
✓   Package Pricing

-   Personnel
-   Consumable Inventory
-   Field Purchases
-   Other Charges for mileage, per diem and accommodations

✓   Payroll Biling
✓   Information sent via Internet for review and invoicing

Job Templates

✓   Onsite Specific Serial Number
✓   Onsite Unit Numbers for Equipment
✓   Ability to scan database and select items, services and consumables

Provides Visibility

✓   Schedule Equipment and Personnel
✓   Equipment Specification and Status
✓   Equipment Repair History
✓   Customer’s Past Jobs

Provides Management Reports

✓  Daily Ticket Revenue
✓  Job Costing by

✓   Crew
✓   Type of Job
✓   Customer
✓   Utilization of Equipment

✓  Transaction exceptions

ACCOUNTING: Discovery’s accounting modules are GAAP and IFRS compliant and provide “Point in Time” drill into financial analysis tools.