Management Team

Our management team has Oilfield experience and IT skills to help our customers improve efficiencies and access reports.

Al Brown

Chief Executive Officer

Al joined IBM after university selling their midrange servers during the early days when software packages were being developed and targeted to specific industries. Software functions and features, not hardware servers, were the reasons customers chose one solution over another then and now. Al teamed up with Jamie in 1985 to develop and build Discovery Management Software® (DMS) into the industry leading solution for Oilfield businesses.

Jamie Lindenbach

Chief Technology Officer

Jamie started Discovery in 1983 as a custom software development company and, after developing similar applications for several Oilfield companies, he created the first iteration of our product, Discovery Management Software® (DMS). Jamie has overseen each of the technology changes that DMS has undergone and keeps an eye on emerging technologies to evaluate their possible integration into DMS.

Mark Boudreau

VP Infrastructure

Mark joined Discovery in 1994 as an Account Manager and Oilfield Business Analyst. Prior to joining Discovery, Mark worked for major corporations such as General Electric and Canadian Tire. In 2008, Mark shifted his focus to Discovery’s SaaS (Software as a Service) Cloud model. Mark provides overall leadership in the areas of Infrastructure, Security, Operations and Networking.