Customer Price Contracts

✓   Customer Price Contracts
✓   Cost Plus
✓   Quoted Price
✓   Start and End Dates to coincide with your customer MSA’s (Master Service Agreements)

Running Orders

✓   Allows you to ship products multiple times to a customer’s well site or rig location
✓   Creates a summary invoice at month end or end of the well program

Inventory Replenishment Module

✓   Flexible
✓   Inter-store transfer system
✓   Supports serval types of purchasing modules:

✓   Min/Max
✓   Sales Forecasting
✓   Order Cycles
✓   Non-Inventory Purchasing

✓   Can be used in:

✓   Distribution Centers
✓   Store Environments
✓   Combination

Provides Visibility

✓   Stock status at the distribution center and all other locations
✓   Consigned and customer inventory

Provides Traceability

✓   Serial Numbers
✓   OCTG Joint Counts
✓   Lot Number Traceability
✓   Mill Certifications
✓   MTR and Heat Numbers
✓   MSDS Sheets

ACCOUNTING: Discovery’s accounting modules are GAAP and IFRS compliant and provide “Point in Time” drill into financial analysis tools.