Estimate to Actual Costs Analysis

✓  Includes True Costs of

✓   Inventory
✓   Third Party Parts or Services
✓   Labor

Create New Jobs with Exceptions by Copying Old Jobs

Create Bill of Materials (BoM)

✓   Integrated with drafting software
✓   Access template for the finished good item
✓   Modify template to fit the customer’s unique needs
✓   Build template by answering configuration questions

Manage Change Orders

✓   Easily track the costs that have changed
✓   Clearly invoice customers for the changes
✓   Build several items for a customer at once

Group Work Order

✓  Record time and materials to the group
✓  Distribute costs automatically to all the work orders

Shop Floor Time Collection

✓   Integrated into DMS’s job costing prices
✓   Entered by your staff from touch screens or bar code swiping

Provides Visibility

✓   Customer’s Past Job
✓   Customer Specific Pricing
✓   Customer Credit and Outstanding AR
✓   Customer Locations
✓   Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Profitability Reports

✓   By Job
✓   By Finished Good
✓   By Customer
✓   Transaction Exception Reporting

ACCOUNTING: Discovery’s accounting modules are GAAP and IFRS compliant and provide “Point in Time” drill into financial analysis tools.