API (Application Program Interface)

Discovery has APIs (Application Program Interfaces) to exchange data and transactions electronically with your Oilfield trading partners. Discovery supports established EDI protocols and we can create unique data exchanges using our API toolset.

Customer Invoices

DMS has pre-built the translation tables into the customer master table to enable you to seamlessly send invoices to your customer through one of these EDI service providers.


DMS collects time from the manufacturing shop floor and from LIFTS to electronically send time and employee charges to these payroll packages:


DMS supports EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) to the following Canadian Banks and supports importing their bank reconciliation file into DMS.

CAD Integration

DMS has integrated to the following CAD tools to upload the Bill of Materials into a Work Order.


Third Party Field Ticketing

If you have already implemented a field ticketing package, then DMS has a pre-built interface to upload field ticket data from these providers:


DMS has pre-built an interface with Avalara to provide US taxing on your invoices.

Well Data

DMS has an interface to import well data from these providers that you then link to your DMS jobs and invoices.


DMS has an API to the following Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools:

Project Management

For advanced Project Management, DMS has integrated to these tools: