Well Site Services

Oilfield service businesses that use DMS Oilfield service software include Frac services, MWD services, in-field customer asset repairs, in-field construction, wireline services, service rig drilling, coil tube operations, land surveying, submersible pumps testing, fishing tools, cementing, NDT services and environmental services.

Well Site Service businesses use DMS to create daily, priced tickets for customers to sign and use DMS's mobile field ticketing module called LIFTS. Discovery’s field ticketing software allows field staff to enter their daily billing and payroll data. Billing includes rental charges for equipment, package pricing that include personnel, consumable inventory, field purchases and “other” charges for mileage, per diem and accommodations.

The billing and payroll charges are integrated to DMS’s service oilfield software for complete job costing analysis and seamless integration to the back-end financial processes such as invoicing, payroll, creating income statements and balance sheets. DMS service templates help your staff identify the normal charges for your different services and identify the assets or inventory that you need for these services.