Rentals - Oilfield ERP Perfected

Supports a variety of Rental Rates

✔   By the Hour
✔   By the Day, Week, Month
✔   By a Standby Day
✔   By a Drilling Run
✔   By an Activation

Provides Visibility

✔   The well or rig location
✔   Rental Agreements
✔   Total Revenue generated
✔   When to do cleaning and inspection

Provides Flexibility

✔   Supports single or multiple branch locations or wherever your rental fleet is located
✔   Short durations (days) or long term (months)
✔   Can include items from your rental fleet as well as third party rental items (sublets)
✔   All types of assets can be defined in your rental fleet and rented to your customers

✓ Serial Number Assets
✓ Consumable inventory
✓ Lot Number Assets (where a serial number is not defined i.e. drill pipe and drill strings)

Tracks Profitability on Your Assets by

✔   Recording the revenue earned by asset
✔   The depreciation costs
✔   Recoverable costs i.e. damages or cleaning
✔   Non-recoverable (internal maintenance costs)

Asset Utilization Available On-Line to Track

✔   Number of Days Rented
✔   Number of Days in Maintenance
✔   Number of Idle Days

Rental Fleet Inquires Show Your Staff

✔   Available assets
✔   When assets are Expected Back
✔   Which Customers have racked your assets
✔   Whether the asset is in Maintenance at Your Shop or a Third Party Location

ACCOUNTING: Discovery’s accounting modules are GAAP and IFRS compliant and provide “Point in Time” drill into financial analysis tools.