Equipment built by Oilfield ETO (Engineer to Order) and MTO (Make to Order) manufacturers that use DMS oilfield manufacturing software include tanks, compressors, pumps, welding equipment and accommodation trailers.

Our manufacturing customers use DMS's manufacturing module to report on estimate to actual costs that include the true costs of inventory, third party services and labour. DMS's Bill of Materials (BOM) includes all of these costs and you can integrate the BOM with your drafting software to create your final estimates.

DMS’s oil and gas manufacturing software allows you to copy old jobs and create new ones for your oil and gas customers who ask you to "build another one just like the last one except for these changes!”

DMS manages change orders during the manufacturing process so that you can easily track the costs that have changed and clearly invoice customers for the changes.

DMS's group work order function allows you to build several items for a customer at once but record time and materials to the group and have those costs automatically distributed to all the work orders. Shop floor time collection is integrated into DMS’s job costing processes and can be entered by your staff from touch screens or bar code swiping devices.